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Build a 'Greatest Show' Top Tent

15 October 2019


We're celebrating the magic of the circus with our 'Greatest Show' theme on camp this October Half-Term. Inspired by everything from ringleaders to acrobats, popcorn to clowns, children can expect a spectacular selection of circus themed games and creative activities, as well as a talent show at the end of the week to top it all off. 

We've tried out one of our arts and crafts sessions for October's circus theme by creating a 'Big Top Tent'. Read on to find out how you can make one!


Step 1: Cut a strip of card around 10cm long. Place masking tape evenly along its length and paint white in the unmarked spaces.


Step 2: Cut out a large circle for the roof of the tent. 


Step 3: Paint your roof with red stripes


Step 4: Fold coloured paper in half and cut out a flag shape. Attach to your lollipop stick.


Step 5: Once your paint has dried, peel away the masking tape to reveal the stripes.


Step 6: Cut out a triangle in the side of the roof. Glue one side and fold round to create a domed roof.


Step 7: You should now have the roof and tent body. Assemble the form the final product.